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Hi. I'm Marcia Trader (she/her). I want to help you with your next video project.

Currently I’m a freelance filmmaker based out of the greater Seattle area. I attended Central Washington University where I graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and a minor in Cinema Studies.

Since then I’ve been using video to help tell stories and promote others. I’ve done exciting things like:


  • Helped to develop and execute a social media strategy that gained over 30k TikTok followers in just under 2 months. Check out some of that video content here.

  • Worked with Tiny House Giant Journey to edit 90+ episodes for release in a series of alternative home tours.

  • Filmed an award winning PSA for the Seattle Humane Society.

  • Edited a series of live comedy specials for independent release and broke them down into digestible and promotional bits to be used across all platforms of social media. 

I want to use video to help you connect with others.

No matter if it’s behind the camera or in the editing bay, I love a challenge. I’m always looking to take on new projects, and am ready to help you tell your story and execute your vision. Reach out to me at, and let’s connect!


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